Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why Many Stars Are Short Lived?

There is a huge paradox in our life across the history: Almost each and every one of us has a drive to become stars some times in life. However, when we come back to look at all those stars, most of them just shine for a very short periods, and a lot of stars ended up with a very bad consequences, involved in scandals, being killed by others, addicted to drugs, suffered from severe mental or physical problems, the list is endless. Just like a moth flying toward the fire - even though it knows it means death, but as long as a fire appears, the moth always like to fly toward it. How sad it is! We as human being are not smarter than such a little moth. 

The falling of stars has long been recognized, but the society has done little to change this phenomenon. It is not easy to have a star and it is really a big loss for the society if a shining star died pre-maturely.  When a person gets famous, he or she becomes a target of attach.  When a person suddenly gets rich, he or she has to isolate him or herself from others and the society, worrying about being rubbed or attacked. When a person possesses large asset, he or she has to hire bodyguard for protection.  When a young man or woman gets rich, he or she will hesitate about love, sex and marriage, worrying if people just love the money than him or herself.  What a pity! 

As a civilized society, we must create a culture that supporting normal life of a star; while as a star, the best way to survival could be to adapt a common people's life. The fact is that although you're a star now, you're still a common person. If the society does not create the opportunity (e.g., various competitions, lottery, gambling), you will be exactly the same as others.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

You Say and I Say: Nightmare and Vitamin Supplements

You Say and I Say: Nightmare and Vitamin Supplements: "Once in a while, I had people in my dream who were alive vividly but died many years ago. They include my friends, classmates, neighbors..."

Nightmare and Vitamin Supplements

Once in a while, I had people in my dreams who were alive vividly but died many years ago.  They include my friends, classmates, neighbors, and relatives in various age ranges from little child to very old persons.  This bothered me a lot for over 18 years.  Even thougn everyone may have bad dreams even nightmares sometime in life, but mine were so lifelike and bothered me so much!  Although it is said that we dream those people we want to see but could not be able to, but I never thought about seeing these people, and they kept coming to my dreams.  I can still recall many sensory details of those dreams today. 
I am writing here is to share my experience - My nightmare disappeared after I took some vitamin supplement for a couple of days. I do not have such dream for many years since then.   Occasionally this type of dreams came back. In this case, I took the same vitamins.  To avoid any involuntary advertisement, I will not include the brand name of the vitamins here. It was just a type of multi-vitamins and minerals I purchased in the market.  I used it by simply following the instructions on the label.  I am still wondering which component(s) in the pill that really worked like a magic and assisted me get rid of the problem?

Reported studies indicate that having spicy food, fatty food, low blood sugar (starved), intake of extra amount of vitamin B6 (should be <100 mg per day) are all related to bad dreams. When anticipating labor difficulties, pregnant women may have nightmares before child delivery.  Despite many studies focusing on oneirology (the study of dreams), much more has to be done regard the causes and the actual process of dreaming, particularly vivid nightmares. Everyone who dreams frequently could be a researcher, if you record your experience and share it with others! Please take a minute to do that and do not forget to share!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When Someone Told You about Your Spouse...

If a person disclosure something negative about your spouse or even directly approaches and tells you about it, no matter it is a truth or a rumor, the first response for most people is explosively angry: "How could I did not know this?", "I have been cheated all the times." , "How dare he or she did this to me?", "I am the last one to know this." This type of interactions occur frequently in life, such as the most recent evolved event of  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shrive and Mildred Brena.  It is Baena who first lets the cat out of the bag.  However, when it reached Maria, the volcano erupted.  My judgment is that if you behavior like this, ultimately you'll be the loser.  If you believe that you spouse loves you, the winning response would be to listen and let the massage dies at your place. If needed, work with your spouse to clarify it in an appropriate setting later.  We are humans, no one is perfect!

In most cases, if your spouse loves you and does not want to tell something he or she did, he or she already admit it is not right, keeping it secret means caring.  On the contrary, when a third person passes a massage to you about your spouse, the first thing you have to do is to think why this person tells you about it at this time?  Does she simply want to pass the information to me (for what?), or try to help me (is it true, and why?), or just want to destroy my relation with my spouse (because of many reasons, such as dislike, hatred, or jealous). The human nature tends to believe things that are not even exist when it involves a man and a woman.  When a person says that "I saw your husband was talking closely to a young and attractive girl for a long time somewhere…", an idea of “having an affair” automatically pop up to many people's mind, not to mention about this person's wife.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Turn Fast Food into Healthy Food

For more than 20 years of life as a health professional in the United States, one thing I am always positive it that if you eat in McDonald's or Burger King, you will not worry about getting any germs from the food. I got sick after dining in a beautiful restaurants located at the beautifully decorated Hilton hotel, I got sick in Italian restaurants and Chinese restaurants; however, I never got sick in the fast food chain restaurants.  Unfortunately, the common belief says these days that food served in this place called garbage food, because it cause obese, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Yes, it is true if you eat in this type of places three meals a day and 7 days a week.  However, if you take time to think why, you may realize that the drawback of the fast food is the lack of vegetables and fruits with extra calories.  It is very easy to transfer this "garbage" food into nutrient food by just doing the following two things:
  • Bring a fruit with you when you go there for you meal, an apple, an orange, a peach, you name it.
  • Drink part, not a full cup of soda. You do this by first filling half cup of soda. After soda is gone, fill a cup of water.  While drinking the water, you get enough liquid for your body while reduced calorie intake; meanwhile, you can use the water to clean your mouth after mean! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Numbers and Politics: Nine and Five

Numbers and Politics: Nine and Five: "Do you know that certain numbers carry important political meaning? In the ancient time, people use 9 and 5 to represent the greatness of ..."

Help Children Get Rid of Bed-Wetting, Try This!

According to the National Kidney Foundation, 5 to 7 million children 5 years of age and above wet bed frequently.  At age 4, about a third of kids often wet bed in the evening, at age 5 about 15% kid do so, this percentage declined to 5% at age 10.  Up to age 15, still about 1 in 100 kids wets bet.  Although many kidney doctors and pediatricians like to treat bed-wetting as a "normal" and developmental process and many lazy parents do believe it because they do not want to take time to care about it.  Simply put on a pull-up and let it be. No body care how the kids who wet bed often feel and think.

As parents with direct experiences and medical training, we recommend two measures for those caregivers who really care about their kids:

1. Spend time to train the kid restroom skills during the day time. This can be as early as 2 or 3 when the kids can understand.  This will sharp the brain of the kids to signals from inside their body for urination.
2. Feed the kids dry dates (can obtain from any stores) before bed, 5-6 pieces a day, continue for about a month.  This method is good for kids in school age, e.g., 5-6 years of age.  The dosage can be increased along with age.